Classic marketing vs. modern marketing

Classic or modern marketing? What’s the difference and which one is best for your brand? The behavior of consumers and consumers is constantly changing. As modern marketing continues to evolve, traditional marketing tactics such as print are becoming less and less effective. How do you best address your customers? Which form of marketing is right for you and your company?

We help you to decide between classic and modern marketing.

Marketing strategies: classic or modern marketing?

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. Traditional marketing measures such as print media become less and less effective over time. With the great variety that the Internet offers, consumers are increasingly inquiring online about all the important information about products and manufacturers. How can these changes be used to address potential customers in a timely manner? We’ve rounded up our online marketing experts’ recommendations:

Classic marketing

Traditional marketing still has many benefits. Classic advertising can reach people who have no internet affinity. In addition, traditional marketing has a strong branding effect.

The biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing strategies: the scatter loss via classic mass media such as television and radio. With the extreme increase in Internet users in recent years, the target groups have shifted enormously. The print media rarely achieve the desired goal and are often frowned upon and undesirable in the current times of environmental protection and sustainability.

Traditional marketing can only stand completely on its own in very special cases, which means that advertisers’ budgets are also shifting. Also, the cost of traditional marketing is increasing more and more in order to reach the same number of potential customers as with modern marketing on the Internet. In addition, communication between the customer and the company is usually one-way.

Advantages of classic advertising

  • Flyers and brochures are physically perceptible and radiate seriousness
  • High branding effect
  • The traditional marketing measures reach a large audience
  • Direct, personal contact possible (events and trade fairs)

Disadvantages of classic advertising

  • High production costs
  • High wastage
  • No spontaneous changes
  • Hardly any dialogue possible
  • Aggressive advertising measures are rejected

Modern marketing

With modern marketing strategies, there are numerous ways to place advertising precisely and precisely for your own target group. This saves unnecessary costs and customers without potential are not even addressed.

By evaluating cookie data and other website statistics, the behavior of consumers can be analyzed in detail. This in turn enables personalized ad placement.

Advantages of modern market

  • Target group-oriented, little wastage
  • direct communication with existing and potential customers
  • Customizable
  • Inexpensive
  • Advertising can be adjusted at any time
  • retargeting
  • Clear measurement of success

Disadvantages of modern marketing

  • High administrative effort (internet marketing measures have to be carried out almost every day)
  • Adblocker (Risk of not reaching users with your advertising, even if it would have been relevant for this target group.)
  • High competition
  • Target group 60+ difficult to reach

SEO and SEA marketing

With search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), you have the best opportunities to make your own website or online shop visible in the top positions in Google in order to positively influence sales figures online. Search engine optimization and ads have become indispensable in a modern marketing mix.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a complex subject and numerous factors influence a website’s Google ranking. In order to be reached by the desired target group, a base of high-quality and valuable “key terms” (engl. “Keywords”) is required. After that, a sensible strategy for optimizing the website should be set up and then worked through step-by-step.
Since Google is constantly changing and improving the rating system for websites, there are constant changes. So e.g. For example, the value of user experience, i.e. how users interact with your site, has become a powerful factor in search engine optimization.

Search engine advertising

With search engine advertising, companies and websites can present themselves on the Internet and operate online advertising with Google AdWords in different ways. So e.g. For example, online shops can use Google Shopping (a Google AdWords service) to present their products directly in Google search results.
The big advantage that Google AdWords offers: The advertising is activated within a short time and is then located directly in Google. You also do not pay for positioning in Google, but only when you actually click on your ad/product.
With the developed systems, Google AdWords can also determine whether your ad is really relevant for the user or the specific search queries, and thus increases your chances of new potential customers who, in the best case, order directly from you online.

AI and modern marketing

Over the past decade, businesses and marketers have moved toward marketing automation. Today we live in a time where our business processes are implemented by artificial intelligence.

The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to adapt human skills and decision-making structures in the best possible way and thus make your work easier. Artificial intelligence in marketing has many advantages for your company:

  • Customer needs are understood even better and addressed individually through personalized marketing
  • Customer buying behavior can now be predicted in great detail. The campaigns can be switched at the right time
  • Marketing budget is spent on the right customers. This leads to higher customer value.
  • Critical patterns are also recognized at an early stage. This gives you the opportunity to act in good time.

Google is one of the world’s most famous AI inventions. The technology can search countless sources and displays the appropriate search results within a few seconds. Search engine optimization is a good example of using AI in marketing.

Only by using artificial intelligence can a chatbot have real conversations. The chatbots use AI to generate natural language understanding. Chatbots are mainly used in e-commerce and on social media channels.
In modern marketing, artificial intelligence offers many possibilities. The use ranges from the automatic sending of e-mails, user-based advertising to intelligent chatbots that ensure increased brand visibility. AI systems also help the marketer to carry out market analyzes and forecasts.

Other modern marketing methods

  • Blog: Blogs for websites are very popular, but blogs for online shops are also becoming more and more relevant. A blog gives you the opportunity to respond to the questions and interests of users that you do not yet cover with your services or products. You’ll catch popular keywords and get significantly more traffic.
  • Social media marketing: Social media is becoming more and more relevant for companies. Online communication between companies and customers is becoming increasingly important. Users or customers generally give companies more trust via direct communication channels such as social media.
  • Video Marketing: Both on social media and on your website, videos are becoming increasingly popular. They get a lot more attention in social media, have a positive effect on your Google ranking of your website and convince customers. Try it!
  • Content marketing: Content marketing is one of the most modern marketing methods. There is tremendous competition on the internet these days. Your company needs to stand out and stand out clearly. Starting with web design and TOP usability to conversion optimization, so that your customers ultimately ask or buy from you.
  • Display Advertising: Graphic advertising is becoming more and more important. Pictures, videos and animations attract the user’s attention faster than any other advertising medium. But more and more companies are relying on this strategy, with which your target group is literally being overwhelmed. If you develop a persuasive strategy, you can benefit a great deal from this method significantly.

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