Search engine optimization: How long does SEO take and when are results there?

When are concrete results of the SEO measures measurable?

The complex topic of search engine optimization is not tangible for many decision-makers. Results must be created and usually as quickly as possible. In the eyes of decision-makers, this is as follows: A lot of budget is invested in SEO measures and the desired effects are a long time coming. But how long? Unfortunately, there is still no official timeframe for how long it takes to achieve improved results with SEO. From experience, we as an agency for search engine optimization and many other SEO experts worldwide speak of a period of between 4 – 12 months until more extensive changes in visibility can be understood.

Google has commented on this topic in a video entitled “How to hire an SEO”.

These factors ensure the long span of time

  • which SEO measures are planned and have been implemented
  • how strong are rankings within the industry – high and a lot of competition
  • Does your project meet the search engine ranking criteria?

The diagram shows the development of the visibility of one of our customers from the medical industry. The big jumps in visibility were recorded here after about 7 months.

This is how SEO measures work faster

In addition to the well-known Google ranking factors, there are the following issues that can ensure faster indexing.

Prevent server overload

It must be ensured that a reasonable number of requests can be processed. If the server is slow, it can mean that the search engines also slow down indexing and there are fewer and shorter crawls on the part of Google.

Internal link management

  • Remove irrelevant internal URLs
  • Check your website for internal links and remove any URLs that are no longer needed or are of little relevance. This prevents Google from getting bogged down trying to find all the URLs on a website and potentially missing new and relevant links and not indexing them.
  • Link relevant URLs
  • Newly created pages must be linked in prominent places within the website. The search engines around Google must be able to recognize as quickly as possible which pages you consider important and relevant. Following this approach simplifies crawling and indexing for search engines considerably.

Content quality

The easier it is for Google to recognize that a website is important to users on the web, the better it can favor the website for crawling and indexing. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to making new pages visible in Google Search. There is no absolute timeline for each of these steps, and the steps are subject to change over time.

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