Signs of major Google update since June 27th

Google seems to be performing a major update again or still. Since the middle of the month, Google’s search results pages have been particularly dynamic.

Once again it looks like a major and unannounced Google update. Or are the changes currently being observed part of the update observed a few days ago that is still ongoing? Since June 20, there have been stronger movements in the rankings and the associated changes in the search traffic of numerous websites

Since June 27, the dynamics on the search results pages have increased again. This is shown by the charts of various tools such as cognitiveSEO and SEMrush Sensor. RankRanger appears to be a single ongoing update:

There are some interesting posts on the Webmasterworld forums about changes in search traffic since June 27th. It is noticeable that several articles report on prominently placed shopping ads on the search result pages. These partially replace the previously displayed text ads. In addition, more commercial sites should be found in the top 10 organic search results.

“Perhaps I haven’t been too observant, but when did G start placing blocks of product ads at the very top of pages instead of text ads? Is this new or has it been going on for a while now? I feel like every search in my niche has suddenly been overtaken by a block of product ads followed by a block of organic product results. This alternates with a block of 4 large text ads at the top on some searches. I’m referring to desktop here. It seems that slowly G is experimenting with allowing more commercial sites to float to the top ten for searches that were almost all how-to articles from April 2021 to May 2022.[…]”

According to the author of the following article, various countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Germany and more are affected:

“Sat and Sun were both average, but Monday is down massively so far. Search is down 31% by 11am, and USA is down 52% from an average Monday. My visibility increased according to the trackers I use…Also seeing big drops of 50% or more for many of my top referring countries on a rolling basis from June 13th-17th…Australia, UK, Canada, UAE, Germany…in some cases (UK and Germany) the traffic bounced back after about 4-5 days, in other cases it has has remained at the new lower level. Has anyone seen this big drop in mid-June? I checked this morning on desktop and many pages are starting with a block of product ads or 4 text ads, then local, one organic link, a huge twitter carousel, people also ask block, one organic link, image search, videos…. It changes upon each search.”

Google has still not commented on a putative update. What exactly is behind the changes can only be guessed at. It is possible that this is a partial correction of the Google Core Update from May. However, it is also possible that Google makes changes to the display of ads that also affect the organic search results.

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