Google: On websites with many product reviews, other content may also be affected by the product reviews update

The Google Product Reviews update may affect other types of content for sites that have a lot of product reviews. There is only an evaluation of the entire website by the updates if there is a large number of product reviews there.

The impact of the Google Product Reviews updates, the last of which was completed in September, on individual websites depends on the type of content on the websites. If a website has many product reviews, then other content on the website that is not related to product reviews can also be affected by a product reviews update. That’s what Google’s Danny Sullivan just said on Twitter. The evaluation mainly takes place through a product reviews update at the level of individual pages.

If there are only a few product reviews on a website that do not exceed a single-digit percentage, there is no website-wide evaluation by a product reviews update.

Sullivan reiterated that structured data can help Google recognize product reviews. But Google is not dependent on it.

Sullivan’s information can be helpful in clarifying whether and to what extent a website and its content are affected by a Product Reviews update. Based on the distribution of content on a website, it can be seen whether an update has only affected the pages with product reviews there or the entire website.

It is important to note that the previous product reviews updates only relate to English-language content.

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