The best security plugins for WordPress

Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress as you wish. Especially in the area of security, it is important to be up to date. This is how hackers try to guess your passwords. Even if all attacks come to nothing, they load the server. These 5 plugins will help you protect a website from hackers, trojans and viruses.

WordPress: All In One WP Security & Firewall

The All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin is a real all-rounder. It offers numerous security features and is one of the most popular security plugins. You can do everything with this plugin from firewall to spam prevention. After installation, it creates a new entry called “WP Security” in the menu. Here you can make settings and automatically create an htaccess file – if you wish.

There are also other security features that you can use accordingly. The program offers the advantage of simple usability. The dashboard, i.e. on your WordPress start page, gives you basic information about your website. A barometer from 0 to 425 shows how well an internet presence is protected.

It is also suitable for beginners as it is self-explanatory in (almost) all points.

Antispam Bee – Avoid spam

Spam is a real plague. In WordPress, the comment function is often affected. Some people write posts that have nothing to do with the actual topic. They contain an advertising link and are mostly written in English.

Sergej Müller has developed a solid plugin that protects your website from spam. In the administration area you can determine how Antispam Bee should deal with spam. Would you like to be informed of every spam comment by email? Bloggers benefit from this plugin as they can unblock their regular readers. Their comments appear automatically without manual checking.

A German manual is available for the plugin, which is not required at all. Antispam Bee is beginner-friendly without sacrificing quality.

Updraft Plus – perfect data backup

Data security is an important issue. An IT emergency is not uncommon: not only malware but also human error can be the cause. A file’s code has been modified and WordPress is no longer working properly. What do you do when all items are gone?

A data recovery plugin like Updraft is quickly installed. It works without much effort and is easy to understand. Updraft allows you to make meaningful backups. This is done either manually or fully automatically. The AutoPilot works the way you want it to. A backup can be made with every new post – or every 2 weeks. As it makes sense for your website.

The data can be saved on an FTP server or external storage services such as Dropbox.

User Overview: Login Security Solution

The login area is a target of brute force and dictionary attacks. Different names and passwords are sent to the login in rapid succession until a combination is proven correct. This is how the hacker tries to get your WordPress data.

This is where Login Security Solution comes in by logging all attempts. In addition, it complicates any further login attempt as it delays the blog’s response time. So it always takes longer to log in as an admin. The hacker’s chances are dwindling because he can no longer try an infinite number of combinations.

If he succeeds, he will be logged out immediately. You will receive an email referring you to the password reset tool. Change your password immediately to avoid unnecessary risks.

Seamless log: WP Security Audit Log

The plugin comes from WPProHelp and WPWhiteSecurity. It tops off the featured plugins by providing a log of all actions.

Which author edited which post? When did user John Doe log in and out again? Of course, all password changes are logged. The plugin is useful to see the time of a change. If a bug creeps in, the admin has a better overview of which program could be responsible.

For larger blogs, the editor has an overview of their authors. He can understand all changes and point out corresponding defects. An error can creep in internally and does not always have to originate from a hacker or a worm. Of course, you can use this plugin to find unwanted Internet malware.


These plugins will help you turn a WordPress blog into a security fortress. Build a wall of defenses to protect against aggressive malware. All programs offer a free basic version with the option to upgrade to a premium version.

You can easily try out the plugins and then remove them again – this is a great advantage of the CMS (content management system) WordPress!

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