Survey For 2023: Ranking Factors For Local Searches

Whitespark has sought the opinions of dozens of local SEO specialists to identify the most significant ranking factors for local search.

The 2023 nearby pursuit positioning elements review is currently out, it is a study of what neighborhood Search engine optimization specialists rank the main positioning variables are for both positioning in the Google neighborhood pack and furthermore in the Google natural nearby outcomes.

More information about the survey. Whitespark surveyed 44 different local SEO specialists for this survey. It asked these local SEO specialists to rank 149 potential factors that could affect local search rankings in the organic and local pack in order of importance.

Local pack elements. According to the results of the local pack, these were ranked as the most significant ranking factors for Google’s local pack:

  • Keywords in your Google Business Profile title or name (which may be against Google guidelines) Proximity of address to the point of the search Physical address in the city of the search Removal of spam listings through spam prevention methods High numerical Google ratings Additional Google Business Profile categories Verification in Google Business Profiles, and more
  • Dedicated pages for each service Internal linking throughout the website Quality and authority of inbound links to the domain name Geographic keyword relevance of the domain’s content Keywords in the title of the Google Business Profile landing page Quantity of inbound links to the domain from locally relevant domains Topical keyword relevance throughout the entirety of the website Volume of quality content on the service page and more

Disclaimer. Over the years, studies on search ranking factors can and have sparked some controversy. Local SEOs were asked to rate the factors they think are most important for ranking well in Google’s local results in this study. Therefore, before simply accepting these findings as they are, keep all of that in mind and make sure to read the study thoroughly.

Why it matters Going through a survey like this may help you think about things you hadn’t considered before, even though SEOs and local SEOs may disagree about the most important ranking factors. Therefore, read it and look forward to coming up with fresh concepts that you can put into practice for your clients.

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