Enhanced CPC Will Replace Manual CPC Campaigns On The Microsoft Audience Network.

Microsoft will adjust your bids immediately and automatically to improve your chances of converting customers.

Beginning on April 24, all new campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network will no longer require manual bidding. All current image and feed campaigns that use a manual cost per click (CPC) bid strategy will switch to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) as of this date. This shift is supposed to be settled by April 28th.

Timetable for the change. On April 24, the transition from manual bidding to eCPC begins. Manual bidding will no longer be available for new campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network. Microsoft will begin converting all network-based campaigns to eCPC on April 24. The transition will be finished by April 28 and eCPC campaigns using manual CPC will be converted this week.

It’s useful to know. Campaigns with manual cost per view (CPV) or cost per mille (CPM) bid strategies, as well as image and feed campaigns with manual CPC, are unaffected by this modification. Image and feed ads in standalone audience campaigns are affected by the migration.

This change will not affect search campaigns that are extended to the Microsoft Audience Network. These campaigns already make use of eCPC and our extensive collection of automated bidding solutions.

exemplary practices Microsoft claims that you need not take any action to prepare for this change. Nevertheless, there are a few areas that can be improved to ensure success:

  • Monitoring conversions: Microsoft suggests combining conversion tracking with eCPC. Make certain that your conversion goals are correctly set up and that your Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag is present on all of your website’s pages. Albeit not needed, this approach can improve execution by giving extra signals.
  • Conversions made offline: Microsoft recommends uploading your offline conversion data on a daily basis if your strategy relies on offline conversions. A recurring import that is scheduled can accomplish this.
  • Model of attribution: Try assigning “last touch” as your conversion goal attribution. You can optimize automated bidding based on click-based and view-through conversions (conversions brought about by ad impressions) with this adjustment. Native ads do not always receive immediate clicks from users; nonetheless, seeing the promotion fundamentally impacts their way of behaving and venture toward transformation.

Go further. You can audit the declaration from Microsoft here.

Why it matters Better campaign performance may result from adopting eCPC and adhering to the suggested procedures. Machine learning is used in automated bidding strategies like eCPC to optimize bids in real time, making advertising spend more effective and potentially leading to a higher return on investment (ROI).

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