LINKS NOT TO FOLLOW: John Mueller Of Google Enters

According to Google Search Advocate John Mueller, nofollow links between a website and any social media profile must not be followed.

Does your own profile have links? Absolutely not, and you should not unfollow those links, John states.

John Muller, as usual, has a different point of view.

For those who are unaware, social media links are typically nofollow. These links include those that users of social media platforms include on their profile pages. John, however, holds a different viewpoint. As indicated by him, you should interface from your own site to your online entertainment profiles – not the opposite way around.

He adds that social media platforms ought to incorporate the rel=me function. It is a reliable method for proving that profile.

Significance Matters, Not The Amount

Additionally, John Mueller doesn’t give much thought to the total number of links to a website. He asserts that Google is no longer interested in that number. That is the reason it isn’t important to consume one’s energy, time, and assets in zeroing in on getting more connects to highlight their sites. Currently, links are not a major factor in your search engine rankings. There’s actually no need to focus on the numbers yet about the significance of connections. Google takes relevance into account when deciding how much weight to give to individual links.

Mueller claims that the advanced features of Google’s algorithm help it better comprehend the relevance and context of web content. The use of backlinks as a ranking signal is likely to decrease in the future. He thinks that the importance of inbound links for SEO specialists may decrease if there is a better way to evaluate how content fits into the web as a whole.

Will links lose their significance over time?

Google wants to discourage practices that create artificial links. Google does not openly discuss or share the specific penalties for doing so. Nonetheless, the emphasis is shifting to promoting natural, high-quality links rather than employing dubious tactics.

The value of links to Google cannot be overstated. Because they are used to find web pages, they will always be at the center of Google’s activities. It works the same way as finding a specific page on the web with no reference or data about the page or where to track down it.

However, given the developments that are taking place in relation to links and the emergence of other factors that are more reliable for gaining rankings, it is safe to assume that the significance of links may diminish over time in comparison to their current standing. This aspect already shows significant changes.


Most of the time, the nofollow attribute is used to tell search engines that a particular link shouldn’t affect the ranking of the linked page. According to John Mueller, it is generally advantageous to permit search engines to follow these links because social media profiles are associated with your website and provide useful background information about your brand. By not utilizing the nofollow angle, web search tools can slither, and record online entertainment profiles and perhaps give them extra perceivability and significance.

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