John Mueller Of Google On Using AI to Write Content

Assuming that the content was not written with the intention of manipulating the search results, Google’s official position on the use of AI to write content is satisfactory thus far. It doesn’t matter if the content was written by a machine or a human as long as it is useful, helpful, and high-quality. However, Google’s John Mueller appears to be less than enthusiastic about the state of AI content writing at the moment.

At least, that’s how I see John Mueller’s most recent posts on the subject. John has made the following brief statements regarding the subject: Keep in mind that some of these are, at least, responses to SEOs who want to use AI to take shortcuts and potentially alter Google search results. As a result, John’s responses must be somewhat cautious.

Those are just a few of John’s recent statements regarding the use of AI in SEO. Again, it would appear that he is not entirely enthusiastic about it.

He’s not to blame, in all honesty. ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and, even worse, Google Bard have produced some pretty bad content. These artificial intelligence (AI) tools may simply fabricate false information. So, use it to help you write content, but before you put it on your website, make sure to edit it and look into the responses.

However, as a reminder, Danny Sullivan of Google stated once more that, so long as the content is useful and written for people, Google is fine with AI content. It is against Google’s guidelines to use artificial intelligence to write spam. However, Google also added “who, how, and why” to the people-first content section of your content.

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