WordPress security plugins for more protection

WordPress is a platform with a growing number of users every day. What originally started as a weblog has now recorded several million downloads. For those who don’t know anything about WordPress: it is an open source content management system. If you want to set up your own blog or website, this is a safe option.
In the meantime, the program is no longer only used by small and medium-sized companies, but also by really large companies. More than 37.6 percent of websites on the web are powered by WordPress. This is not surprising given the large number of different plugins that can be used for this. For example, there are also various security plugins that provide improved protection. We have selected the ones for you that you should not do without in terms of safety.

VPN connection for comprehensive security

First of all, it is a good idea to use a VPN connection for any kind of online activity. VPN stands for virtual private network and that is exactly what it means. You enjoy a high level of data protection and security, because on the one hand the IP address is veiled and on the other hand all your data is encrypted. Of course, this also includes the use of WordPress. So no matter what you want to protect, a VPN is always a good solution.

Keep malware and spam away

Most of us now protect our computers with good antivirus programs. But what about our web projects? Of course, they also want to be protected. After all, there can be a lot of trouble if the website gets compromised.

Plug-ins that protect against malware and unauthorized access are therefore important. For this purpose there is, for example, the Anti-Malware Security extension, which not only searches for malware but also helps to eliminate it.

The NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware Scan Plugin should also protect against malware. It looks for vulnerabilities that hackers could use as exploits.

By the way, there is also something against annoying spam bots. The Antispam Bee plugin repels spam in comments etc.

More security when logging in

It should be well known by now that a secure password is a must. By the way, this applies not only to WordPress, but also to all other sites. WordPress therefore also gives extra recommendations on what a secure password should look like. You should stick to that.

If you want even more security, you can install the Limit Login Attempts plugin, for example. This protects you against brute force attacks. With the help of automated scripts, hackers try different combinations of usernames and common passwords in order to come up with the correct login data. If you install Limit Login Attempts, the account will be locked for a longer period of time after a certain number of failed login attempts. The concept of brute force attacks then no longer works.

Use two-factor authentication

Another effective option to make login more secure is two-factor authentication. There are also WordPress plugins for this, such as Two Factor Authentication. If it is activated, it is no longer sufficient to just enter the correct password for the account, but a second password instance is required. If you want to register, after entering the correct password, you will receive a code on your mobile phone, which you must also enter.

Complete solutions for WordPress security

All basic security features are combined in these plugins. They are a good solution, especially for users who are not that experienced.

Extensions such as iThemes Security or Wordfence specifically search for security gaps and show ways to close them as quickly as possible. But they also come with a few extra features such as code generators or database tools.

Ensure regular updates

Updates are important, no matter what programs or operating systems are involved. They often contain the correction of security gaps that could represent a gateway for hackers. WordPress and the plugins should also be updated regularly.

So that you don’t have to take care of all the updates yourself, there is, for example, the WP Update Notifier. This ensures that themes, plugins and all other installations are always up to date and thus provides more security.

Ensure the security of your own website

If you run a website, it is essential that it is secure. Therefore, the security status should also be checked regularly. With the Security Ninja plugin, that’s no problem. Various attacks are simulated in order to reveal where the weak points of a page lie.

Of course, there are a lot more WordPress plugins that can provide security. The extensions mentioned above are to be seen as the basis for this, so to speak. Of course, you can also browse through it yourself at any time and then decide what else might be important to you personally.

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