The Best WordPress Cookie Banner Plugins

At the latest with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union since May 25, 2018, cookies from websites have become a hot topic. The virtual “cookies”, which are used for the professional tracking of user data and thus for tailor-made marketing, are of particular relevance for data protection officers: Because they are used to collect personal data that allows conclusions to be drawn about specific people, they are subject to EU regulations .

Cookies may now only be used by the operators of WordPress websites and online shops under certain conditions. Important in this context is the information that the respective website uses cookies and that this requires approval. This means that the user’s consent is an indispensable condition for the use of cookies. With the cookie banner, this consent can be obtained from website visitors.

WordPress cookie banner: You should know these five plugins

There is a whole range of banners that can be integrated into a WordPress website using plugins. The following overview presents five particularly smart and efficient cookie banners. They were all chosen because they allow important criteria – comprehensive functionality, ease of use and individual configuration.

1.Real cookie banner

The Real Cookie Banner is ideal for anyone who is less technically savvy but still wants to install a legally secure banner. It is specially designed for websites built with WordPress as the popular content management system (CMS). The Real Cookie Banner is a so-called opt-in cookie. Opt-in means that a user of your website must actively agree to the use of cookies. Active means that website visitors must take an active action – such as selecting a specific cookie variant or consent by ticking a box. The opt-in procedure fulfills an important requirement of the GDPR: the active and comprehensible permission of users that their data may be collected, stored and used. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to exclude tracking or restrict the cookies used using the Real Cookie Banner.

Installing the banner is pleasantly uncomplicated. You will be comfortably guided through the installation process. The banner offers you a consent management specially designed for WordPress – i.e. the legally compliant obtaining and management of cookie approval by the user. In addition, the plugin also offers you complete documentation of this consent as proof. A so-called content blocker is also integrated. It prevents cookies from being generated by a script used, for example, before the user has given his or her consent. Another advantage of the Real Cookie Banner: It enables an individual design that fits the design of your website and your company.

2.Cookie Notice & Compliance

The WordPress cookie banner Cookie Notice & Compliance has already integrated the two main functions of legally compliant banners into its name: The user is informed about the use of cookies and is given the right to allow these cookies, to allow them or to reject them after an individual selection. This banner is also characterized by two properties that are particularly important to the user today: On the one hand, it guarantees absolute legal conformity with regard to the protection of personal data required by the GDPR. And not only that. It also takes into account the regulations of many other countries when it comes to data protection. On the other hand, this WordPress plugin is designed in such a way that it is pleasantly easy to use.

The banner can be configured in several variants of cookie notice and is even a win for your website in terms of SEO. It’s conveniently synced with the WordPress privacy policy. In combination with a special web app, Cookie Notice & Compliance also offers you all the relevant features relating to the legally required consent of your website visitors to cookies. The core is the selection box: Users can choose whether they want to allow all cookies, selected cookies or no cookies at all. Practical features are also the translation of cookie banners for foreign visitors, a comfortable consent dashboard and the blocking of cookies from scripts.

3.Borlabs Cookie

Borlabs Cookie is also a specialist in compliance with all provisions related to GDPR and e-Privacy with regard to cookie banners. Bolabs Cookie is also specially designed for WordPress and is therefore highly compatible with this CMS – especially with regard to cache and themes. All relevant tracking options, including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, are integrated into the high-quality solution. Of course, Borlabs Cookie also connects the cookie banner with the important opt-in solution. An opt-out solution is also included so that you can create a legally compliant framework for the solid data protection of GDPR & Co.

If you appreciate uncomplicated solutions that can be implemented smartly without any technical background knowledge, you are well served with this plug-in. You use all included codes if you have entered your tracking ID. The product does everything else for you. The high level of user-friendliness around the cookie banner is therefore a welcome advantage. Particularly practical: You can group the cookies used and include them in the data protection declaration of your website. This gives your website and of course your company a valuable impression of seriousness. The cookie management can also be implemented in different layouts. A content blocker is also part of the functionality of the product, which also offers comprehensive statistics on the data protection needs of the users of your website.


Compliance is also a highly efficient cookie solution that implements the applicable conditions for each country. For German websites, the regulations regarding GDPR and e-privacy are particularly relevant in this context. All important tasks are carried out around cookie banners or cookie consent. Legal certainty is implemented by the fact that the available cookie policy comes from the specialized IT lawyer. You can use this template with the help of a practical wizard. In addition, Compliance also offers a tool for general terms and conditions.

The cookie banner can also be linked to categories. This enables visitors to your website to make an individual and reliable choice as to which types of cookies are accepted and which are not. All templates are configurable to match your website design and audience. You can also use a script center to configure the cookies in the way that best suits your purposes. Classic tools such as Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics can also be imported with the WordPress-compatible Complianz. Blocking 3rd party cookies – for example from Facebook or Instagram – is also easy to implement with Complianz. In this context, the plug-in carries out independent cookie scans, which recognize and process any changes made by the respective providers. Premium functions can be used with an upgrade at Complianz.


CookieYes provides features that make your website legally secure in terms of GDPR Consent & Compliance. This means that your website is made fit for the protection of personal data in accordance with the GDPR. However, regulations from other nations can also be implemented. for example, standards of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are also integrated. The WordPress plugin has numerous valuable features related to GDPR compliance in the program, as the following list shows. Main function is to enable WordPress cookie notice. The user has the option of accepting or rejecting cookies. The name of CookieYes can also be explained in this context: The cookie value is changed from 0 to 1 if the user has given his consent. It is possible to set the cookie banner in such a way that when the user scrolls, the consent is considered to be given.

The cookie banner can be conveniently configured – for example with regard to various variants of designs. You can also choose whether the cookie banner should be included at the top or bottom of your WordPress website. A special module of the plug-in offers a smart cookie audit. You can thus provide users with an overview of the cookies used, which can be practically integrated into the data protection declaration. Scanning and blocking deadlines is also one of the features that CookieYes provides you with. Cookies cannot then be used without the consent of the user.

Which cookie banner is the right one?

If you have created a website with WordPress as the CMS, it is of course essential that the selected plug-in is also compatible. But this choice is easy, because WP also has a whole range of plugins for Cookie Notice and Consent that you can use without hesitation. It is important that you take a close look at the functions. Because there are solutions that offer you a basic version and paid upgrades. So you should make sure that important functions are available free of charge in order to use the plug-in with the best price-performance ratio – or free versions. Indispensable functions should be the ability to categorize cookies, blocking of scripts, cookie lists for the data protection declaration and customization in terms of design and functionality.

If you are not technically versed, we recommend plug-ins that are user-friendly to install and use. However, this is the case with numerous WP plugins. Complete compatibility with the currently prevailing data protection regulations is also indispensable. It is clever to use a plug-in that responds to changes with updates. Anyone who operates internationally should prefer cookie solutions that have the right thing ready for different countries.

If you are not completely sure technically and/or legally, you should hire a real expert for Cookie Consent and Notice. Because the sanctions for violations of data protection on the Internet are quite drastic – and easily avoidable. The experts then configure your WordPress website with a professional and tailor-made solution.

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