5 tips for more sales with WooCommerce

New functions can be implemented in any WooCommerce online shop using plugins. For example, products already offered in the shop can be further individualized with additional options for customers. But with the right features, you can improve the awareness and image of your shop, increase customer loyalty and encourage your customers to buy more products. In the following article we will show you the 5 best tips and explain which plugins you can use to sustainably increase sales from your WooCommerce online shop.

1.Tip: As many positive reviews and ratings as possible

Security and trust play a key role in online shopping. Most Internet users shop mainly in the large and well-known online shops. If it is a smaller and less well-known online shop, many buyers are rather skeptical and wait and see. Before you even consider making a purchase, find out about the shop and check whether it is a safe and reputable provider.

Most potential buyers value the opinions of other users and read reviews of the respective online shop before making a purchase. According to recent marketing surveys, more than 77 percent of all users first read reviews before considering a purchase. However, it is imperative that the reviews are authentic and come from real users (buyers). An above-average number of positive ratings have a positive effect on the sales of your shop, but where do you get the positive and authentic reviews from? It’s no secret that most customers are unfortunately too lazy and don’t leave a review on their own.

With the right WooCommerce plugins, you can encourage your customers to make a review in the simplest and most effective way. The intelligent helpers automatically send e-mails to the customers and encourage the recipients to submit a rating. With the following 3 WooCommerce plugins you will receive reviews and thereby increase the sales of your online shop:

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin encourages your customers to leave product reviews and increases conversions from your online store. You can set up automatic review reminders for your customers who recently bought something from your store. Buyers will receive a reminder email and will be invited to leave a review. The more customers leave a positive review, the more positive it will affect your sales. The plugin acts as an interface to the external service CusRev (Customer Reviews). The service verifies user ratings and identity, making it easier for you to collect reviews. The plugin’s key features include regular review reminders, an easy-to-use review form, optimized customer reviews, review import, and integration with Google Shopping. In addition, you can significantly increase the incentives for a review by rewarding your customers with a trust badge or a discount for a future purchase.

YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder

The WooCommerce Review Reminder plugin automatically sends your customers an email and encourages them to write a review. You will receive more reviews and these will have a positive effect on your sales. A large number of positive reviews will increase your level of awareness over time and improve your image over the long term. You can easily and effectively encourage your loyal customers to write a review and thus increase the credibility of your online shop. Contacting each customer individually and manually takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks to the practical YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder, you can send an automated e-mail directly from your administration interface and ask all customers to write a review. The plugin saves you a lot of time and effort. The more positive reviews are written, the higher the possible increase in sales.

Follow Ups

With the Follow-Up Emails plugin, you can keep your customers and prospects up to date and send them personalized emails. You ensure that your buyers are satisfied with the products in your online shop and encourage them to leave a review. You can find out who your most loyal customers are and improve customer retention even further. You create complex drip campaigns based on buyer interests and purchase history and can integrate your customers even more effectively into your shop. As a result, you benefit in the long term from higher customer engagement, more purchases and increased sales. With the Follow-Ups plugin, you can send emails and tweets to customers and prospects and track the effectiveness of your emails. You create and manage individual mailing lists and can adapt the templates for each mailing campaign. You can automate your marketing communications, giving you even more time for other things. By creating reminders, you ensure that no interaction between you and your customers is missed. Over time, you will improve your knowledge of your buyers and be able to offer and sell your products in an even more targeted manner.

2.Tip: More sales through rewards in the form of discounts and bonuses

What incentives can you set to make your customers buy again from your WooCommerce online store? How do you improve the bond with your customers and increase their loyalty? With rewards in the form of bonus points, you encourage your buyers to buy again. With every purchase, your customers collect bonus points or receive cashback on the value of the goods. From a certain amount, the points can be exchanged for a voucher or a discount and redeemed for the next purchase in your online shop. With the help of special plugins, you can integrate a customer-friendly reward system into your shop and thus increase your sales in the long term. The following 3 WooCommerce plugins are particularly recommended:

WooCommerce Reward Points

With the WooCommerce Reward Points plugin, you can increase your sales by rewarding returning customers with a Reward Points loyalty program. Your customers collect points for various campaigns, such as registrations or purchases, and can redeem them for prizes or other things from a certain amount.

SUMO Reward Points

The SUMO Reward Points plugin gives you a complete loyalty reward points system for your online shop. You can reward your customers with points for purchases, signing up, writing reviews, recommendations and for social referrals on Facebook or Twitter. Customers can redeem the points earned for future purchases in your online shop, thereby increasing your sales over the long term.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

With the practical plugin YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards you improve customer loyalty and increase sales from your WooCommerce online shop. You reward your customers with an effective, points-based loyalty program. Your customers can immediately redeem the points for price discounts. The points system encourages your customers to spend more money in your online shop in order to collect more points and this has a positive effect on your sales.

3.Tip: Increase sales with products and services in a discounted subscription

Check if there are products or services in your online shop that are suitable for a regular and discounted subscription. With such a subscription, you generate ongoing income because the products and services are delivered and billed to your buyers at regular intervals. For the buyers, the products and services are cheaper and more attractive as a subscription. In addition, there is less hassle to make a purchase as buyers only need to set up the subscription once and never have to worry about future orders and deliveries. These special customer-friendly offers increase the incentive to make a purchase and this has a positive effect on your sales. With the following 3 plugins you can offer suitable products and services in your online shop as a discounted subscription:

WooCommerce Subscriptions

With the useful plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions you can create and then manage products in your online shop with a recurring payment. These subscriptions generate regular income that you can count on month after month. This will generate higher sales over the long term. You can introduce different subscription plans for physical and virtual products or services, offer free trials, add signup fees, and set expiry dates. Additionally, you can offer weekly service subscriptions, product of the month, and annual software billing packages. You have the choice between several billing schedules and can adapt them individually to your online shop. Your buyers can manage and adjust the subscriptions themselves if necessary.

YITH WooCommerce Subscription

With the YITH WooCommerce Subscription plugin, you can offer products in an individually tailored subscription plan and bind your customers even better to your online shop. You get access to a powerful subscription system and this generates profitable, recurring revenue. Among other things, you can set discounted prices for expensive products or services and thereby encourage more customers to make a purchase. You can even offer your customers a trial period so they can test your products first. Experience has shown that this measure can increase sales by up to 56 percent: Most users tend to buy something in an online shop after they have first become familiar with the service or the product.

SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

The premium plugin SUMO Subscriptions allows you to set up and manage recurring payments. The plugin supports both manual and automatic subscription renewals and can be implemented in any online shop. You have the choice between simple subscriptions, variable subscriptions, grouped product subscriptions and can individually select the duration and the number of possible renewals. The integrated PayPal reference transaction gateway, the PayPal subscription API and the PayPal payment gateway make it easy and time-saving to implement automatic subscription renewal. If required, you can combine the plugin with the SUMO Reward Points plugin and increase sales even more with suitable rewards. The subscription system supports both free and paid trials, and your buyers can pause or cancel the subscription at any time. You can customize the price and duration of each subscription and add an additional registration fee to the subscriptions. With other plugins from the same manufacturer, you can even make recurring donations (SUMO Donations Plugin) and membership subscriptions (SUMO Memberships Plugin).

4.Tip: Increase sales with vouchers, discounts, promotions and coupons

Experience has shown that regular discount campaigns for entire product categories, for individual products or for a limited time for all products in your online shop have a positive effect on sales. Most users are persuaded to make a purchase through discounts and time-limited promotions. Products and services are often purchased that customers do not necessarily need at that point in time, but they do not want to forgo the current discount. Reduced prices have a strong positive effect on purchasing behavior both in stationary retail and online retail. Most people are afraid of missing out and believe that if they don’t get it now at this great price, they will spend more money on the same product later. You can take advantage of this characteristic of most buyers by using regular discounts and especially time-limited promotions. With comparatively little effort, you can visibly increase sales. In addition, you increase the general interest in your shop with these customer-friendly campaigns. If buyers know that a shop has special discounts and special offers from time to time, they will visit the website more often. The easiest and fastest way to implement discount campaigns is to use the following plugins:

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

The free Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce plugin expands the functionality of your WooCommerce coupons, allowing you to market your online shop even better. You can organize coupons for your customers with coupon categories, show coupons in order preview and limit them according to user role. With the BOGO coupons, your customers can enjoy the well-known “Buy One Get One Deals”, which have been successful in brick-and-mortar retail for years. What’s more, Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons protects you from accidental discount use with effective cart conditions, saving you money and nerves.

Smart Coupons

The Smart Coupons coupon management plugin allows you to sell gift and prepaid cards and generates a large number of individual coupons with beautiful designs at the push of a button. You can set advanced coupon limits, enable automatic coupon issue, and reward your most loyal customers with free gift coupons. Using Smart Coupons does not adversely affect the performance of your WooCommerce online store and is intuitive to use. With the popular plugin you improve customer loyalty, ensure repeat purchases and increase your sales.

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin provides you with dynamic discounts as well as individual pricing rules and allows you to create targeted and powerful offers. With just a few mouse clicks, you can apply a discount campaign either to all products in your WooCommerce online shop or only to the products in a selected category. You can create customized offers for your customers and increase the average order value using volume-based discounts. You can implement popular promotions (including BOGO, 2 for 1 and 3 for 2) and automatically start and end discount campaigns on special holidays. Increase the attractiveness of your shop by offering dynamic discounts in the shopping cart or free shipping as soon as a buyer spends a certain amount. In addition, you increase your sales in a sustainable way by offering certain products as gifts or a special user discount.

5.Tip: Sell more products

You can use certain measures to encourage your buyers to buy additional products. This works, among other things, with special information signs in the shopping cart or in the checkout area. Free shipping above a certain minimum order value or the phrase “these products are often bought together” are particularly effective. Just like ratings and reviews, many potential buyers rely on the experiences and purchases of other users. With the following plugins, you encourage your buyers to buy other products in addition to the product they are looking for, thereby increasing your sales:

YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages

With the YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages plugin, you can increase the sales of your shop by placing tailored and focused messages on your shopping cart and checkout pages. Before your customers complete the purchase process, they will be informed about current offers and promotions. Among other things, your customers will find out what additional amount they have to spend to receive a discount or free shipping. Regular additional sales will improve your sales over the long term.

Cart Notices for WooCommerce

The Cart Notices for WooCommerce plugin displays purchase information and customized notifications on your shopping cart page, encouraging your customers to purchase additional products. You can explicitly encourage your customers to make another purchase by adding a personal message. Write notes and notes anywhere using a native WYSIWYG editor. Cart Notices for WooCommerce is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time, and will ensure increased sales in the long run.

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plugin increases sales and profits from your WooCommerce online store through cross-selling marketing strategy. In the lower area of the product description pages, your customers will see special offers in the form of “buy together suggestions”. This encourages your buyers to buy another product or several additional products. You can customize the product details (including price, short description, and thumbnail image), realize a discount price by entering a percentage or a specific amount, and rearrange the product order with drag and drop. In addition, you can automatically set related products as default products and allow your customers to adjust the quantity if they wish. In the long term, the various measures ensure additional purchases in your WooCommerce online shop and a constant increase in sales.

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugin has a positive impact on sales and encourages your customers to buy products. At the push of a button, you can display an area in your online shop that suggests suitable products that are usually bought together with the products currently being viewed by the customer. The proven social proof strategy encourages your customers to purchase the additional products and this increases the average order value. Example: A customer is interested in a new camera and is automatically suggested a suitable memory card and camera bag. If this customer buys the camera, there is a relatively high chance that he will also purchase the accessories. Experience has shown that displaying suitable or related products increases sales from your WooCommerce online shop over the long term.

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