Top 7 Survey and Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Photos, links, texts, image films and explanatory videos offer a variety of content, but from time to time it can be worthwhile for marketers and website operators to try something different. A forum for exchanging opinions, for example, is an effort that many users do not want to invest due to the required registration. On the other hand, entertaining surveys and quizzes are popular tactics to ensure interesting interactions on your own website. This gives you information that will make it easier for you, the WordPress user, to target content and promotions in the future. This article aims to explain which quiz and survey plugins for WordPress you can use for this purpose.

Please note that these plugins often set cookies and save IP addresses, for example to prevent multiple votes. Therefore, make sure that it is used in accordance with data protection regulations in accordance with the GDPR. Explain to your users what data is collected for what and how long it is stored.


Polls, polls, feedback and quizzes for WordPress

1.Quiz and Survey Master

With Quiz and Survey Master for WordPress you can create regular, easy and free surveys for your users. Whether employee survey or customer satisfaction survey: The plugin allows you to create a variety of quiz and survey types, including multiple choice, true or false, and multiple response. More types will be supported in future updates. All of the text your users see can be customized to your liking. After the user has taken part in a poll or quiz, you can send them an email with the results and a customized text. You decide which questions are asked and which user information is requested. You can also set the number of questions per page yourself. You can also assign categories to your questions.

2.ARI stream quiz

ARI Stream Quiz for WordPress helps you collect limitless leads in a fun way – without annoying popups or annoying ads. Interesting quizzes can easily be created and shared with visitors to your own website. Whether knowledge quiz or personality test: ARI Stream Quiz is easy to use, no additional knowledge is required. Installing the plugin and creating your first quiz game only takes a few minutes. Questions and answer options can be designed in an appealing way using images. Integrate tests with Drip, Zapier, AWeber, MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, ConstantContact, and GetResponse email marketing services. The results can be easily shared via popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn, or emailed to users.

3.Chained Quiz

Chained Quiz for WordPress is a unique, full-featured and free plugin that allows you to create quizzes where the next question depends on the answer to the previous question. The number of quizzes and questions is unlimited. Single choice questions, open questions and multiple choice questions are supported, whereby any buttons, text fields and checkboxes can be generated. To publish a quiz game, simply place its shortcode on your website or in a post. You yourself define what happens after the user has completed the quiz game – depending on the points he has collected from the different answers. You can guide the user through the questions as you see fit. The result can be used to make user recommendations, direct your website visitors to another page, offer something for sale to your users, and so on. Also, if you wish, you can export the user’s responses to a CSV file, which in turn can be used to analyze user results in Excel, import them into a database, or similar.

4.Polls with YOP Poll

YOP Poll for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate polls into your website or text posts. They are managed via your WordPress dashboard. You can create polls that contain both single and multiple responses, and work with a variety of options and settings to decide how you want your poll information sorted, how you manage the results, what details you want to see, and what you want to keep private. In addition, YOP Poll makes it much easier to plan your surveys, because several surveys can be carried out at the same time without any limit and can even be planned so that they are started automatically one after the other. Older surveys can also be accessed at any time. YOP Poll is designed for an intuitive and user-friendly operation, allows for shortcodes and includes a widget feature that perfectly suits your WordPress website.

5.WordPress – Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz is a premium WordPress plugin designed to develop quizzes with results containing content or product suggestions based on user answers. The plugin allows you to segment your website visitors based on their interests and make informed content or product-related suggestions to get leads and improve conversions. The questions and answer options you choose serve as a kind of filter for your content or products. Each answer corresponds to a filter and at the end all filters are merged and a search query is performed to find matching hits, such as the perfect match of content or product. You can also set up dependent questions that only appear when users have selected a specific answer to a previous question. HTML content or Javascript-based ads can also be embedded. The possibilities are endless. Among other things, Advisor Quiz is perfect for online shops that want to enable their users to find the perfect product in an entertaining way – for example in the form of a gift finder. Each trivia game has a unique shortcode that can be used anywhere on the site. This makes the quiz compatible with practically all topics. Simple marketing tools complete Advisor Quiz’s features: you can include links at the end of the quiz to share on social media and send via email.

6.TotalPoll for polls and polls

TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create and integrate polls. It offers multiple options and features to give you full control over your surveys. Because the plugin is so easy to use, surveys can be created within 60 seconds. The user-friendly interface has been expertly designed to make survey creation hassle-free. Whether tablet, laptop or smartphone: Thanks to the numerous customization settings, you have complete control over the design of your surveys. Daily, weekly and monthly statistics help you keep track of your leads and conversions. Thanks to TotalPoll’s easy extensibility, you can easily adapt the plugin to your needs.

7.WordPress – Feedback and opinion polls with Modal Survey

Modal Survey is a WordPress plugin that offers the possibility to collect the opinions of your users through surveys. With Visual Poll Images you can easily create any customer feedback survey or customer satisfaction survey on your website. The plugin can visualize all questions in the same chart to show the aggregated survey results. The idea behind it is to generate more traffic through quizzes and surveys – especially through the connection to Facebook. For this purpose, Modal Survey offers a share button that allows you to publish the quiz results on Facebook. Both the questions and the answers can be organized into categories, then the chart will display the results based on the category values. Within the questionnaire itself, you can add your own custom messages. You can adapt the questionnaire to the entire page width or set it to a smaller size. Many more flexible features help you save time and achieve your goals. In this way, you can quickly increase traffic to your website without having to spend a lot of money on further marketing activities. Modal Survey increases the virality of your website and helps you monetize your content.

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