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Users in the tens of millions romp around on YouTube every month in search of interesting videos. In fact, YouTube has moved to number 2 of the most used search engines after Google. It’s been a long time since only music videos or cute little animal films can be found here. Companies have also discovered the video channel for themselves in order to showcase products and services. This also happens against the background that videos have a positive effect on the ranking of your website. But only if you know how to optimize your video for search engines. Are you already involved as a company, service provider or freelancer or are you not yet aware of the importance of video SEO?

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is a special area of video marketing and a relatively young branch of search engine optimization (SEO). What you previously only knew from websites is now also available in video search engine optimization. With video SEO, too, the primary goal of efforts is to get to one of the top positions on the results page. Since these are videos, it seems difficult to understand how a list of results is created on YouTube. And how does YouTube decide which videos from the gigantic archive are the most relevant to a user’s search query?

YouTube – Which settings are relevant for Video SEO?

You can edit your videos like this: As soon as you are logged into YouTube, you will see the link to the Video Manager, which is located on the left below the dashboard. And these settings are relevant for Video SEO:

The title
YouTube’s search function initially focuses on the title of a video. The title should describe the content of the video briefly, distinctively and understandably using relevant keywords.

The Description
While metadata only plays a subordinate role in classic search engine optimization for web projects, the description of a video on YouTube plays a central role. The reason is that YouTube cannot extract any content from a video. This requires the description, in which you reproduce the content of the posted video in detail, also using the previously researched keywords. Note that only the first three to four lines are visible to the user, so you should place a link to your web address on the first line.

The subtitle (transcript)
The subtitle, which YouTube automatically generates, is also important. It is important to check this with regard to its content and linguistic accuracy. For a correction, edit the existing subtitle and save your version.

The meaning of the tags
On YouTube, tags still play a very important role, which are an important criterion when displaying relevant results in the search function. In this respect, it is important to use these features specifically for the placement of the most important relevant keywords.

“YouTube’s search function initially focuses on the title of a video.”

YouTube -The importance of views, likes and comments for video SEO

Anyone who finds your video interesting as a user will use the many options to rate it, write a comment or share it with friends. You too can use the possibilities of interacting with your users in social networks, because this will also have a positive effect on the ranking of your video.

The category on YouTube that you freely choose and in which your video should be stored has no meaning for video SEO. The category only decides which users your video is recommended to on the YouTube home page, so that you can use it to address and reach your potential buyers.

Your Benefits of Video SEO

You may be wondering how you or your company will benefit. The higher up a video appears in the YouTube results list, the more clicks it gets. If the quality and benefits are right for the users, they will come back or subscribe to the YouTube channel and send the video to friends and acquaintances. In this way, the level of awareness of your products and services among users is increased, which at best creates brand awareness. Since you have already placed a link to your company website in the description, a search engine-optimized video on YouTube will certainly lead to an increase in your sales figures through direct clicks.

In a nutshell – a checklist

Place the most important keywords in the title and description
A key factor in video SEO is linking the video to your company website, company blog, other videos, and your social media presence
In addition to considering the technical factors, your credibility as a company also plays a role. In this respect, it depends on the content and quality of your video and your company website.

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