The Best WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is considered the most popular e-commerce extension for WordPress. The advantages of WooCommerce include free availability, tailor-made compatibility with WordPress and the option of adding additional plugins to the plugin itself. This is how you get the best out of your online shop and at the same time make everyday tasks and work steps easier. While the WooCommerce plugin supports you in marketing, tax tasks, inventory, payments and deliveries and reports, hundreds of free and purchasable plugins extend WooCommerce with individual functions, requirements and country-specific equipment.

The following plugins should not be missing in your WooCommerce:

WooCommerce plugin “German Market”

If your own online shop can be called up online, has been filled with products and is attracting the first customers, the foundation for a successful e-commerce presence has already been laid. Especially in Austria and Germany, shop operators should also protect themselves intensively against warnings and legal disputes. The German Market Plugin for WooCommerce guarantees exactly that: it makes your online shop legally secure and thus protects you from warnings. The plugin meets the legal requirements that a B2C shop places on consumers. The lawyer Thomas Schwenke tested the product and equipped it with all the necessary disclaimers, mandatory pages, buttons and the like. The WooCommerce plugin is worthwhile in two ways: firstly, the time spent on research is saved by collecting and inserting all these things yourself and, on the other hand, you can be sure that you have actually covered the entire legal spectrum.

YITH WooCommerce Compare – Compare products

If you want to offer your customers even more transparency when shopping, this plugin is worth recommending. YITH WooCommerce Compare creates a nice little feature in the frontend that allows the customer to add products in a neat comparison. These are then presented side by side with the image and price so that the customer can make his decision even more carefully. Under certain circumstances, this practical WooCommerce plugin can reduce the return rate. To determine (or refute) this, A/B tests with and without the YITH WooCommerce Compare Plugin are recommended.

WP Image Zoom – detailed view for your product images

WP Image Zoom is a must-have WooCommerce plugin if you use high-quality product images as a promotional tool. The practical zoom becomes active as soon as the user moves his mouse pointer over the small product image. In this way, he can take a close look at individual positions in the image without having to open a separate tab or the image in large view. The WP Image Zoom plugin is particularly recommended if you use high-resolution products or sell your products visually – for example in online shops for clothing, jewelry or decorative elements. The intuitive use also ensures that the older and less technically savvy target group also has an opportunity to view the product in detail in a matter of seconds. With the last update, it was now also possible to use the zoom function on several images of a product.

Image Watermark – protect your own images

The small Image Watermark tool is recommended if you want to protect your own product photos. It automatically inserts a small, freely configurable watermark on every product image. This way your product images cannot be stolen by the competition or bots – if they do, the watermark clearly shows which company/shop the images were originally taken by.

WooCommerce Product Bundles – Assemble and sell bundles

This plugin makes your work easier if you want to sell several products from your range in a so-called “bundle”, i.e. a compilation. WooCommerce Product Bundles allows you to select dedicated products and then renders them in a ready bundle. Product bundles are great if you offer complementary products in your shop – for example suits, ties and shoes. You could continue to offer each product individually, but at the same time put together entire outfits that the customer can then purchase as a bundle. Of course, this basic idea can also be extended to other products and ranges – definitely worth recommending!

Table Rate Shipping – for flexible shipping costs

Table rate shipping is essential if you also serve customers from abroad or ship very different products, including possibly bulky goods. With the WooCommerce plugin you can create configurable shipping and postage costs based on location, price, weight or number of products. A must-have, especially for international shops.

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