Google: No page is removed from search because of Core Web Vitals

Therefore, if a web page does not meet the specified values for the Google Core Web Vitals, it will not be removed from the search. Google announces once again that rankings are primarily based on relevance.

There are only about two months left until the planned Google Page Experience update and thus until the Core Web Vitals come into effect as a mobile ranking factor.

Many webmasters are currently working on making their websites fit for the update so that they meet the specified maximum values ​​for Core Web Vitals. In some cases, however, this proves to be a difficult undertaking. Especially on websites with many functions and features, there can be higher loading times and shifts in the layout when loading. Adding tracking and advertising makes optimization even more difficult.

However, there is no reason to panic. Even if a website is in the red for all Core Web Vitals, the impact on mobile rankings should be limited, because page experience is only a secondary criterion compared to relevance. In the beginning, the weight of the page experience will be small anyway, but it can then gain in importance over time.

John Müller has now declared via Twitter that a website will not be dropped from the search because of the Core Web Vitals. In addition, competitors would have to struggle with the same problems. It is important to prioritize correctly. Relevance remains what counts for the users and the search:

The optimization for the core web vitals should not be forgotten. In case of doubt, however, it is more important to take care of the quality of the content.

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