Twitter’s New Chief Linda Yaccarino Has Apparently Had One Of Her Tweets Outlined At The Organization’s HQ, Emulating Elon Musk’s Example

Along with Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, has had one of her tweets framed and displayed on the office walls of her new company.

That’s according to a photo of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters that was shared on Wednesday by an employee.

The in-question tweet from Yaccarino was in response to a Wired article titled “Linda Yaccarino is teetering on the glass cliff” that suggested her appointment was indicative of a pattern in which companies in trouble hire women to lead.

“As someone who is accustomed to wearing heels of four inches, let’s be clear: I don’t waver,” Yaccarino tweeted May 24.

And because it has now been displayed in the headquarters, either she or another Twitter employee must be very proud of this response.

It appears to be framed on the same wall where Elon Musk displayed one of his tweets in November of last year.

Specifically, his joke from April of last year, when he first offered to buy Twitter: To put the cocaine back in, I’m buying Coca-Cola next.”

In February, Musk referred to this as “my best work” and, surprisingly, proposed he needed it on his headstone.

Albeit a few clients had proactively concocted this joke, in any event, photoshopping counterfeit Musk tweets before the genuine extremely rich person posted it himself.

Insider was later informed by the employee who shared the picture of the original framed tweet that it was visible to everyone in Twitter’s San Francisco office because it was prominently displayed near the dining area.

Insider reached Twitter for input. An automated message that did not address the question was the company’s response.

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