TikTok: How To Find Out Who Has Viewed Your Profile

People from all over the world can now see who has visited their profile on TikTok.

With some restrictions, the feature lets users see when someone clicked on their account.

It means that when logged-in users visit a profile, they will appear in a list, just like on other platforms like LinkedIn. The account holder can then view that list, but no one else can.

For more than a year, TikTok has been slowly rolling out the feature. Before it was made available to a wider audience, it was initially discovered by users who noticed hidden references to it in the app. Now, it is available to everyone.

But you have to manually turn it on, so the change doesn’t mean you’ll be seen as visiting someone else’s profile without knowing it. Additionally, it can be turned back off when enabled.

Importantly, however, the tool will only function for those who have it turned on: Users can only see people who have viewed their profile if the profile view history option is enabled for them as well.

As a result, it is comparable to other privacy features found in applications like WhatsApp. For example, there, users can only see read receipts and information about when a user is online if they choose to share personal information.

The element is turned on by opening the profile page, tapping the settings button in the upper right corner, and afterward picking the settings choice. Select profile views after selecting privacy and settings.

That will bring up the page, which will display the people who have visited a profile within the past month or so. That same page will give you the option to turn it on if you haven’t already.

The information just beginnings being displayed from the second the switch is turned on, intending that there will be absolutely not a chance of seeing who had visited a record before then.

Click on one of the notifications that the app sends when someone views your profile to disable the feature. That will take you to the same page for profile views. There is a settings cog there that lets you turn off the history tool once more.

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