Guidelines For Web Performance And SEO Are Shared By Washington Post.

A document about “proven strategies and guidelines” for SEO and best site practices has been shared by The Washington Post.

Anyone interested in news SEO should read the Washington Post’s internal SEO and web performance best practices document.

The report, Web Execution and Website design enhancement Best Practices and Rules, frames what the Post calls “demonstrated systems and rules for advancing web execution and site improvement (Web optimization).”

Best practices for SEO and web performance. The Post’s record separates its rules into what is all basically an agenda, comprising of four containers: on-page Website design enhancement, content improvement, specialized Web optimization and off-page Website optimization.

The web execution rules center around stacking, delivering and responsiveness. It additionally shares a large number of the instruments it utilizations to screen execution – including Beacon, WebPageTest, Google Search Control center and Google Investigation.

The motivation behind the rules. The Post wishes to ensure:

  • Provides a positive user experience.
  • Increases website visibility.
  • Drives organic traffic.
  • Improves the site’s overall success.

What they’re talking about. Even though the document appears to have been published on May 31, today was the official announcement date. The Post said it is freely sharing its rules and instruments to help other people guarantee their “own site rehearses are ideal”:

  • “We distinguished a requirement for an Internet Execution and Web optimization designing group to fabricate specialized arrangements that help the disclosure of our reporting, as most of information purchasers today read the news carefully. According to Arturo Silva, the engineering lead, “our stories are not as accessible to our readers without proper SEO and web performance.”

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